Inflating your tyres to the correct pressure is not only vital for safety, but also extremely important for tyre longevity and performance. Looking after your purchase is not only extremely easy, but also free as almost every service station has an air pump.

Under filling your tyres will result in poor handling, poor fuel economy and rapid wear on the outsides edges. Over filling, result in poor grip, insufficient traction and rapid wear in the centre of the tyre.

How often should you check your pressures?

You should check the pressure for your tyres once a month. It is also recommended you check you tyre pressure before a long trip and also when the tyres are cold (not directly after a long drive). If you check the tyres straight after they have been driven on, the reading will be inaccurate as when the tyres are used, they heat up and therefore the pressure will rise.

What pressure should I fill to? 

Every car has a placard or label normally located on the drivers side door panel that lists the tyres correct and recommended inflation pressures. Sometimes this label or sticker is also displayed under the fuel cap, or in the glove box. The label will look similar to the below image.